As I Gear Up For The Contest...

Greetings Everyone!
I bring to you the first group of "Art Fore Sale" and these being the fun lighter stuff, than the creepy things in the past. I have printed several of these as canvas prints and have come to realize the cost and production is too much, but of course if you want canvas... I can give you canvas.

These are going to be Matte Printed 16x20's or the "Giraffe" would be a 16x24 in size the price for individuals are to follow:

Printed - 16x20's with shipping included $60.00 - per piece [USA]
On Canvas - 16x20's with shipping included $250.00 - per piece [USA]

if interested please email for details:

Thank You


Every Picture Tells A Story, these have many things too say... what does it say to you?


  1. Really nice work Jeremy! I have some photos I took at a small Go-Kart park here in Florida that has that same ride. The pics are really cool of my daughter and her cousin riding it in mid air. But the ride itself was freakin' HORRIBLE...I have never been so sick after a ride as I was after that one!

  2. thank you, i have so many fears from rides like this... as a child no problem as an adult i am one ferris wheel of a complete melt down...



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