Why is it...

I would love to design art for films, but why is it that the covers are sometimes more frightening than the film. Now do not get me wrong this is not true in all cases, but most are stinkers.


  1. Covers literally decide if I rent a movie or not. Posters decide if I shell out bucks at the box office. It's that important. There's also not hing more angering than to find that the cover was so scary and the movie was nothing like it.

  2. I know what you mean. I see awesome scary artwork and think "I have got to see this film." Then it turns out to be really lame. Arrgh!

  3. To me it's simple. Artists care about the product they put out whereas business generally don't as long as they make money. Production companies are businesses and they hire artists to make posters and other promotional material. Directors and actors are also artists but they have to work in the confines of the budget and what the production companies say and so can be overruled if the final product is too much. Whereas they won't skimp on the marketing because that would result in less profit. Sorry for the story but it makes sense, and is unfortunately sad.

  4. Just came by to say, Taco Bell outfit, very funny. I laughed out loud and awarded you two extra pickles.

  5. yes, i cannot believe with what they can do in making films today, they could make a better script or effects. scary is not always bloody, it's to scare us going beyond reality. i want better story and to feel freaked out, then a film has done it's job... i am going to make a post today that will only "shocking" and yet have nothing to do with what is happening in the post...

    thanks, everyone!

    and mmmm, pickles


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