Anyone Know R.A.I.D.?

Here is my problem, I got a Hard Drive External Tower [RAID]... it says I can make it a tower for hard drives only, where I can recognize the four [4] separate drives.  Instead of the one, which it does not do.. second problem is how do you format a drive first in the tower if I cannot read it?

I had loaded my other drives in a master/slave/master to the main drive, and got an all clear with no errors... I started to think it was going to overwrite my previous drives and those drives have my data/photos/music on them.

Do this make any sense, I am calling the tech this morning... I just didn't want to sound completely stupid. So I am only flying with one wing right now and access to my art is still in the baggage claim on the ground somewhere from where I am to Timbuktu.

Jeremy [iZombie]

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  1. Damn! If your computer was haunted, I could help you, buddy.


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