Who's a good Jack-ass...

Playin' in front of the Green Screen...

...I am good jack-ass, yesterday I thought it was Friday and I made my post as I do for Friday... it was only Thursday. So welcome the actual Friday, and everyone have a nice weekend make the best of it. My zombie got a hold of my brain and started nibbling at the edges, and he ate enough for me to pass out.

I am not sure you know this, but I run/maintain multiple blog/sites and I wanted to share the interesting thing about one of them. It's called "Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers" it is sort of a movie review site with film images, reviews, desktops, etc.  I get 600 to 700 hits a day, I don't do that much on the site not like here on the "iZombie Lover", where I get my most response. According to "Blog Stats" it is random stuff that people are looking at, so I wonder if you would just take a look. You do not have to follow me, that is not what I am trying to do, I just wonder is so intriguing to those who do go there. Now of course you are welcome to do so if you enjoy the content, then by all means follow. As I had mentioned I do many different styled blogs, and while without a job have time to keep up with... if you want to take a look at them please go to my main page "" please do.

So thanks and have a wonderful weekend!
Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. iZombie For Hire - photo retouch, photo restoration, blog builder, ebook cover design, blog headers, web banners, t-shirt, zombie maker, retro-digital painter, etc.


  1. Hey, I can testify, you seriously know your shit! You are the perfect artist-for-hire! I will soon have your art hanging in my home and I took a long time trying to find a piece of art for my symbolic new life and real new home and I'm so glad I found your art and you. You are a very good and kind human, as well as talented. That is very rare to find.

  2. Have a good weekend, too. I'll check out the links.


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