Just Saying... Trigger!

Click, Click... I told you it was empty.
It's been a crazy week, and I wanted to thank Sharon @ "Ghost Hunting Theories" for all the advice and support for the last several weeks, helping the start of the new year great. I can now sign into my email and see the emails, I just cannot read them.  So I ask myself is the bill paid, well Jack the check is in the [e]mail. I am also going to change the background to this site, cause the images have to re-sized every-time... I made them smaller with the hopes it would make the process go faster.  The images are all too small and the way I have it set up is an old version, great news so look for the change up or out.

I hope everyone is having a great week and the weekend is better, I plan on seeing "Season of the Witch" before the critics rip it apart.

Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. iZombie's Art Store "Olive Zombies"... there is some free stuff and it will help me out...


  1. I kind of wanted to see that too, but might wait to rent it. My only apprehension is nick cage being in it, which isn't always bad, but can be. Let me know what you thought.

  2. Jeremy, talented and brave! I have to admit that when Nick Cage is associated with Wicker Man and Season of the Witch, I cringe. Still, I am so dying to see a movie, I might just have to go alone. None of my friends will see it. Maybe I'll wait for your review of it first or I'll have just sat in a theater all alone and looking like a pathetic dateless loser for nothing.

  3. I'm glad the new year is starting out great for you. Change is good and I'm thinking about making a few changes myself. I also want to see "Season of the Witch" my parents already saw it and ripped on it but I still plan on seeing it anyway. :D

  4. i ended up not seeing it, cause of time constraints... well really if i don't make it to the first show i do not go. movies lately have been disappointments and i hate paying 30 bucks to be disappointed. and second i hear reviews and comments... i am going to wait, though i do recommend sorcerer's apprentice.


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