Off the Grid...

On Sunday I fell into a hole and twisted, sprained, mangled my right ankle... while I was enjoying this cool iron work ruins near my home.  I didn't not get to see much of this cool place for obvious reasons, my friends and I walked for a few feet more before we needed to turn around. I don't believe it is broken, though it swelled up as soon as I took my boot off. So good times, I told my great friend Sharon this stuff happens for reasons not yet revealed. I am going to have a Planet of the Apes Marathon today, and hopes to be back on Tuesday, sorry for the lame post.  The photo is from inside a tunnel I had taken, the hole I fell in was squirrel sized and yes I feel stupid.



  1. I hope you get lots of rest and enjoy that marathon.

  2. Oh, no. Don't feel stupid - it happens to us all!

  3. Perhaps life was telling you that it was a better day for a Planet of the Apes marathon. That sounds like an ideal day to me. Take care, buddy. Yeah, photographing these abandoned places, wicked dangerous.

  4. That sucks! Kick back and enjoy your movies today. And use lots of ice.

  5. First, I want to say I'm really sorry about your ankle. I tend to injure my ankle, foot, toes, tendons, etc., on nearly a regular basis, so I know it hurts. And suck.

    But, secondly, I wanted to say OMG, this sounds like you're from the book IT by Stephen King!!!!! Old iron works ruins? Fell in a hole? It's eerie!!!!!

    Get better quickly!

  6. It's amazing how the tiniest holes can do the most damage.

  7. Sorry to hear that!! Get better soon!!


  8. Man, this has been a rocky start to the year. The wife and I had the flu to ring in the new year and now your ankle.

    Shape the hell up, 2011! Or we're going straight on to 2012 come February!

  9. i have high hopes it's only going to get better from here... thank you everyone...

    oh, but i have to go back to this place... i found this metal sign that had been buried deep, i just could not carry it.


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