On the Fraggle Rock... and Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut!

   Hope everyone had a great weekend, with the weather and the blogger updates that happened over the last several days I gave up. Seems my internet was down due to the weather and on return I couldn't get into my emails or blog, only to find out about the blogger being serviced.  I thought it was me and that I had the problem and technically I did, but I just gave up and watched a bunch of dvd's of Smallville. 
   On brighter things I was on the "A" list of stuff in the last week with a advanced dvd of "Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut" by my new great friend director "Jack Messitt". That is something I will explain later, along with a handful of soundtracks from "Howlin' Wolf Records", which includes the score to "Midnight Movie". Now Wall Crumpler from "HWR" another great friend I have been falling the score release trail since the start of the business...
   Okay I am getting ahead of myself but, if you go to "" my other site you can read the previous interviews [look under goodies on the right]. I also very sorry about not visiting many of my favorite blogs/web sites, but I am being attacked by time and time is winning. Everyday I come closer to exploding and I need to better prioritize my list of things.

May Monday bring you less Mayhem!
Jeremy [iZombie]

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  1. Just in case you didn't know, Jim Henson is my Lord and Saviour. I LOVE the Fraggles!!!!!


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