Bill-Boreds 2011... It takes Talent to...

to... be this Bad... "Trampformers"
I just get it, but when did real music stop... I maybe getting too old or really don't care. What are some of your favorite "current" groups, please recommend something... my poor ears cannot take it anymore. Why are they famous... look at this modern day Lucy and Ethel here, is it meant to be sexy or robots in disguise?


  1. Trampformers...
    Nothing to add there!
    Give While Heaven Wept a listen!

  2. They look like a couple of dolls I once dated. I later found out they were trannies. I suspect that might be the case for these two. They sure look like a gay man's dream heroine. I like Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon, myself, as well as Radiohead and Muse.

  3. Yeah, I quit music since grunge. There was no other movement after that except for bimbos with no talent. Even the rock was kinda boring like Dave Mathews. I'm looking for only Indie music at this time. There's a lot of good stuff out there and thankfully it hasn't been corrupted by the big music industry producers.

  4. Could not agree more....when did this become the norm. I really miss well written songs preformed by great artists.

    Thanks for saying what I was thinking. I knew I liked you for a reason.


  5. Amon Amarth, The Agonist, Sepultura, Testament, Immortal, Arch Enemy, Benighted, Dimmu Borgir. This is what I have listened to the last two days.

  6. I'm sorry to say Jeremy, that there are no good current groups. Music has gone to hell. That's why older groups are reuniting like Soundgarden, Cake and Primus. Okay so I'm a little Bias when it comes to music. not a pop liker, sorry. Good luck on the hunt.

  7. I have no idea what the heck they are supposed to be...

  8. They eat babies I think...
    with skittles...
    and Cool Whip.

    Music worth hearing

    Windy and Carl, Northaunt,
    Nortt, Hammock, Prodigy (always),
    Au Revoire Simone, Peordh,
    Sephiroth, Stars of the Lid,
    Imperium Dekadenz, VnV Nation,
    School of Seven Bells

    Of course everyone's ears are different. Hope you like at least one. :-)


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