Smallville Season 10: Finale

Ten years, ten years of a program called "Smallville", many thought it should have ended around season 6 and sometimes I would have to agree. It has been a rough trip for Clark Kent and his road to becoming the iconic character "Superman" as the shows progress to final to put on the suit. Me personally I hope it doesn't happen, not because I am against it, the show was never about Clark's destiny... but the journey. It was and is a different take on that journey that makes it the great program that it is, some of those who wanted the story the way they knew wouldn't appreciate the "Smallville" journey.

Want to see the suit and some of the images from the last episode [Warning Spoilers]?



  1. I watched it with my husband faithfully for the first several years. The ones after his dad died got a little strange.....but I've been tuning in here and there over the last year. Curious how they're gonna end it. I want to know why he's not flying yet?!!! And are he and Lois gonna really get married? That would be cool.

    It really is a great show. Hubby is sad it's leaving.

  2. yes it went down hill at the 100th episode where johnathon kent met his certain doom. clark is afraid to fly cause he is afraid of heights. this last season has been tying up the lose end, he will get the suit on and they will marry... oh lex will return, but that is a couple seasons of catching up...


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