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WTF - Answer...

Bryan Cranston
Once dad of "Malcolm in the Middle" and now private enterprise guy on "Breaking Bad".

Melissa Bradley of "melissasimaginarium.blogspot.com" was the first correct answer given and she will win the "BIG PRIZE" now she needs to decide what she wants from the"iZombie Prize Closet". Not there is much stuff in it other than a zombie makeover or anyone she would like to be zombie'd. So if she would like to contact me, we can make all the arrangements, not that there are lots of things to discuss...

On the book front, i have a few preliminary things left, the meat and potatoes is next.
Hey Bowie, look for boogies...
Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. he is awesome in breaking bad!! :D

  2. Good job, Melissa! Sorry, never watched the show.

  3. Oh, a Bowie video....how thoughtful of you! :)


  4. Thanks for the prize! Sorry I got back to you so late on this post.


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