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Breaking "MAN OF STEEL" Movie News!

So as I told you that I am really not that far from the "Man Of Steel" movie set, the film set for a 2013 release and me somewhere walking around the production. Now if you have ever been on a movie set like this where the film company builds a town around a town, it is quite amazing to watch. I was able to stand in the background outside the marked areas and watched this all take place, now keeping in mind nothing was really happening.  Building sets, picking sites, setting schedules and the planing... this was what was happening.  Meeting a handful of wonderful towns people and trying to befriend any of the crew, cast... anyone who might talk to me. I was successful I learned a couple things that I will be sharing later on, I did find out nothing about the movie plot and I really didn't want to. I did find the "Kent Farm" by mistake driving home (so I am trying to confirm that it was in fact the farmhouse) and walked into future shooting sites, cause I listened. So here is just some of the photos and I wanted to thank those great and pleasant people of the town and the crew of "Man Of Steel".
-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Sweet!!! I cant wait for this movie!!! :D

  2. That's really cool you get to see some of the filming! Can't wait to hear your scoop.

  3. Sounds so cool. The link doesn't point to the pictures. :(


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