Anyone Else Got This On Their Hands?

So I have been missing in action since, well May and here it is July... but I have been working towards a few goals. Manly looking for work, it has been very grim... though I have scored the occasional freelance job, but not enough to celebrate. I have been working on getting some great interviews for my review site "" and have plenty more coming down the road.

Also I have been designing and creating art which, I hope to share or maybe even sell at some point... anyone know of a good place to sell art that does not give you like 10% of the profits? My hope is that I can lower my prices to fit more people's budgets and give you something to look at that is different. I will be closing down some of my sites soon, cause I have spread myself too thin... looking for that one idea. I am neglecting what I should be doing and missing out on all the great comments you all leave.

I too have set my goals into producing my first "ebook", something that had been waiting to see the light and working with a great internet friend on another book that him and I hope to finish soon. So hopes that these couple of books at least get me re-motivated that it is going to get brighter than dark. Not that the darkness is all bad, but this isn't a story... it is our lives.

Speaking of stories... the truth is much more lame than I am about to tell you. I burned my forearms last week with first and second degree burns, which made last week very tough to type... so I am watching x-files dvds. So here is the "story" not the truth, I was on a photo shoot with this beautiful young model at a stable as I was the assistant to my friend the photographer. As we made our around the outskirts of this horse stable the sweet sounds of the camera click, a smile here... a glance there... I wondered off to the brush being burned on the edge of the stable grounds, I wanted to shoot the flames that came about six feet from the ground. I leaned onto the metal barrel to secure my shoot, only to realize it was to close to the hot flame... I got burned... the barrel was the cooker... sizzle.

Now that is the story, the truth will set me free... someday.


  1. I usually just wash it off and not think about it. lol.

  2. Dude, would love to read your book someday!

  3. Oh, no. Poor you. Bet you won't do that again!

  4. I told you... you do too much :) good luck on your book though, I know it's hell out there trying to get published, so eBooks are always a good option to get your stuff out there.

  5. i have exploded... hear the sizzles.
    i say book, but it's more of a visual thing...


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