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One thing that I hate is when great groups/artist release a new cd of music and you don't ever hear about it until months later. I like many don't listen to the radio anymore, we live in a world of mp3's with a smig of internet music and satellite. How do you find new music, not from these punks that release stuff today... but real strong bands that kids "we call dinosaurs". I don't really follow anyone anymore, though when I find some of my favorites like; Cheap Trick, Bowie, U2, Yes, Alice Cooper, Black Label Society and even Whitesnake when they bring it out, I buy it.

How do you find your music?
What are your must have?
How do you find music, today?


  1. Those are some classy zombies. :)

  2. I don't listen to the radio either, it's toxic waste nowadays. I usually find out about my music from the internet, amazon's good at keeping me up to date. They email me when something new is coming out that I might like.

    Must haves? Primus, Tool, Led Zeppelin, Deftones, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.

  3. Same as you - mostly Pandora and LastFM -fortunately for me I have a friend that is a music reviewer....she sends me all kinds of good stuff....and sometimes some not so good stuff :)


  4. I keep up with my favorite bands' websites. Otherwise, just to find new bands in general - Pandora.

  5. hmmm some good choices to look for... i mostly go to amazon...


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