Happy Birthday, Miss Banning!

I want a party, i want some cookies...
So I wanted to wish young miss Banning [Amber Scott] who found out that her dad was really Peter Pan who once did battle with the evil Captain Hook... Happy Birthday!  So I would like to find out she has been dealing with this for so many years, wait more like 20 years ago... therapy. Have they ever returned to Never-land, because the family could especially if your father was Peter Pan. I mean really what must the next day been like, sitting around telling your story, your adventure to the mother, she must have gone bonkers. How is bringing that first boy to meet your dad [maybe it was a lost boy]? Getting your drivers license [can she fly]? Is she an outcast? So many questions, so little time...

So Happy Birthday Maggie Banning, who will turn 26 years old.
-Jeremy [iZombie]


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