Woof, My goal is just out of reach...

So it's Friday and here I am looking at the height of the tree above, so if you gotta go... ya gotta do the hiking I guess. How is it that some people just fall into luck and some no matter how much they true still fail, but are really good people. I find that hard work or even mild working turns to gold eventually, and those who are complete "a" holes get handed the silver spoon. So the questions is are you a fighter or a "a" hole... okay be honest?

Kidding, we all are fighters and work towards one common goal not to be left behind, forgotten or mauled over by this world's weight. I was thinking where I wanted to be and how much time do I have to get it done... is there ever enough time, do we want more time and do we need more time? Just ask "Java" the beautiful pit bull dog, who's goal to reach the tree...

Happy Friday, may your goals be within your reach.
Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. We'll only fail if we give up trying!

  2. continuous failing, is always succeeding... never give up, never surrender...

    you should write fortunes.


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