"Free eBook Cover" ($175.00 value)

Greetings Writers and Blogs/Websites,

   I wanted to let you all know I have something you all may need for you soon-to-be published book and eBook. I have been designing art and creatively making your thoughts into a reality, and I am seeking new clients. Right now I am having a "getting to know you" price for a limited time and wanted to get you closer to your project to be complete. You all know my work, but may not know me and I wanted to change that... so please stop by and say hello. Maybe I can help get your project to a published state.

Jeremy H.

Get a "Free eBook Cover" ($175.00 value) Design by JMH Digital.


  1. Ooo...what a fabulous idea!

    Thank you for popping by my blog today. I shall be posting a follow up to the comment question tomorrow!

  2. My publisher does all their own covers, but I wish you much success, Jeremy! Someone's going to get a kick-ass cover from you.


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