Steven Chapman and the Temple Of Zoom!

Well it has been one hack of a week, I got to know more about a fellow blogger "Steven Chapman" who if you call was the winner of "Name My Computer" Contest.  Coming up with the winning name "Captain Wiggles", which you all had a chance to vote on over that time. I personally vote for it, but I do appreciate all the entries that had been offered up. I thought I would bring this to a sweet and quiet happy ending for the week by thanking Steven for playing along and being a great sport having me as a stalker. I hope you can all find your way over to his website and tell him that you really like what he has to say and his extreme humor. I was looking over his place to find that finish that would send you all spinning and I believe I have found it. Steven is a writer and what would be good to end with, well his books of course which you will find below... So I thank you all for the time to get to know more about "Steven Chapman" and please check out his anthologies... 

Jeremy [iZombie]
   Creepy Things
Horror short story, Entomophobia, which appears in the Static Movement anthology Creepy Things.

This anthology is available from,, and

   Slave to the Flesh
Horror flash fiction, which appears in the Static Movement anthology Unqiuet Earth.

This anthology has not yet been released.
   Daily Bites of Flesh 2011
Four horror flash fiction pieces: 'The Need to Feed', 'Dog Eat Dog World', 'Zombie, Medium Rare' and 'Whine Cellar'; which appear in the Pill Hill Press anthology Daily Bites of Flesh 2011: 365 Days of Flash Fiction.

This anthology is available from,, and


  1. I'm in all three of those anthologies. Yay!

  2. he found me and i am glad he did, not only did he name the beasty... he is very interesting to boot...

    and ellie, very cool. i thought you only wrote about pretty stuff. lol


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