So watching the news and to find out Charlie Sheen's dad was coming to town to speak at some conference... come on really. I wanted to jump into that screen and punch the newscaster right in her perky face and if you ask your self why.... Has it gotten so bad in the world that this nard is still news, i thought it would be over by now and this would still not be news. Now great actors who have been doing amazing work in film and television for decades, get thrown into just being a family pun as only Charlie Sheen's dad...


  1. You know, I think Charlie is finally a male version of Lindsay Lohan. We needed a guy in Hollywood to get into trouble some the women that were constantly having issues wouldn't look so insane, like shaving their heads and such. He is really loop da freaking loop, so it's a real freak show like it was with Anna Nicole, but there came that sobering moment when she as on that awards show and not making any sense that you feel like someone needs to parachute in and do something.

  2. I always want to punch perky newscaster, too. Must be the vapid smile.

    Charlie continues to be popular because every one is still paying attention, unfortunately.

  3. so true, so true... martin sheen is the true actor and should never be in the shadows.


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