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Cha, Cha, Changes....

Okay, I put some thought in changing the look... I am not sure what you all see.  Please let me what you think the image comes from "King of the Zombies", not by anyway I believe I am this... I was going for a pulp look mostly cause all my sites started to look the same.

So I am looking for your appoval
Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. I like it, I like it. The pulp look is cool.

  2. I love it! I can almost feel it, the texture is very cool.

  3. Looks good, sir! I love that movie. Of course, you simply can't go wrong with the genius that is Mantan Moreland.


  4. I approve. The textures are easy on the eyes.


  5. approval granted ;p (that is zombie drool by the way)

  6. thank you all, i liked the subtle texture and had that same feeling...

    i had to do something less and more at the same time, and zombie movies that rule.

    drool approved, love it.


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