Steven Chapman (Writer)

Good Morning Sunday Readers...
I want to thank "Steven Chapman (Writer)" for his awesome name in "Name My Computer" contest, which will forever by known as "Captain Wiggles". In the prize package that was I was going to be covering his site/blog or anything that he wanted to cover. So please stop over to his great place and say hello, I want to bring light all the things that make "Steven Chapman (Writer)" great.

Today cannot be a better day, because Steven won a "Stylish Award" from friend Sandra and you get to know more about him than I could ever tell.

Some of the Highlights:
3. I once held the door open for famous horror author Simon Clark, at a writer's event in Derby and almost weed when he said thank you...I said almost.

5. In my last job I worked as an IT engineer for a mill, turns out my Gran worked in that same mill as a young girl! I didn't know until a long time after I got the job.

Now you need to know more, stop over at:


  1. weed....funny! Love the banner. Going over to check him out.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

  2. Hey jeremy! I am glad you like the banner I put up. I am really sorry it took me so long to get it up. I had it made and then just kept slipping my mind. I have a feeling when things get a little more settled down there, there will be some more z-dazzles in the future, haha. Have a great SUnday!

  3. @wc, thanks he is a pretty cool man for letting play this week...

    @tgn, it is very cool, and i know you are busy... i am going to post your photos [z-dazzled] next week after steven chapman's week is over...

    thank you!


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