Drive-By Blogging leads me to You..

I found two fantastic places while doing my "Drive-By Blogging" and found this little up and coming zombie... well not all zombies, but "Zombie Mondays" and another great site that has "Zombie Sundays". They both offer up some great content and are run by some lovely ladies... did I mention the Zombies. I z-dazzled one of them, and those who don't know what z-dazzle is please look around and you will figure it out. So if you get a chance check out both of these sites, and learn more about these great sites.


  1. This is too cool! Great site for all other zombie lovers. I love love love some of the pics here, like the new razor, classic! Thanks for the boost fellow zombie. Much appreciated!

    Britnie @ Itsonrandom

  2. Thanks for the shout out, pretty cool dude!

  3. You rock! Thanks Jeremy! Hope you are having a great day too :)

  4. so many great place out in the world, i hope to bring some too light... well at least the zombies.


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