iZombie gets a couple mentions in the Blog World!

Okay, I am happy you all stop by and say hello... but it is nice for others to make mention on their sites. Now I know from time to time my crazy leaks into your sites, but today I caught two of those such mentions... I wanted to thank Sharon Day and for giving me the time to share my world[s] with you all. Also you cannot go wrong with checking out their sites as well, you can see the great things they offer.

And a little "Drive By Blogging" has also won me a "Awesome" prize just for becoming a fan I mean follower of this new blog/site "Dude I Got Your 80's", which if you love the eighties... I do. Take your Penny Loafers out and do the Safety Dance over and well just remember those great days.

Oh yeah, you are asking what did I win "3 DVD Brat Pack Package of movies; "Breakfast Club," "Sixteen Candles," and "Weird Science" from "Ghost Hunting Theories" another great place packed with fun and adventure.


  1. What an awesome win!!! Big ups for the brat pack. :)

  2. Hey zombie-man;
    Thanks for the shout out. Glad you're going to get your 80s fix, buddy!

  3. Happy to mention you, dude! Need to go check out the 80's.

  4. Congrats on the win ,and thanks for the shout out .

  5. That is awesome! Recognition always makes you feel kinda special :) lol.


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