M is for Memories...

I wanted to tell you a little about "me" and things I do and don't have in my personal life. Rewind 15 years-ish and you have me working on several movies, television and a consistent writer... with a potential of being on top of the world. Tragedy strikes 11 years ago... in my world of cocky almost successful "in my own head" only and I am forced to wake up to face the challenges. 

I have made claims on many of the comments of me meeting people like Adam West, Stan Lee, Barenaked Ladies or getting bumped by Michael Jordon at The Chicago Bulls Practice Center.  These things happened and I had photos and physical proof at one point, but then that tragedy I mentioned happy and me with holes in my memories.  Now I will have flashbacks of things that happened, and I rush frantically to remember all I can.  This morning "Calvin's Canadian Cave Of Cool" posted something on "BNL" and I was brought back to a cool time.  I have screen caps of me, lousy shooting of the TV and I wanted to share them with you...

I was talking with one member of the Ed Robertson when the ladies started to roll in one after another, which none of it is planned. I think I held my own for a while, though it completely became their show as Tyler Stewart and former front man Steven Page began to chime in. It was one of the coolest adventures I think I had been on and at the time I worked with this guy who told me I could not talk photos or ask the band for autographs. It wasn't what the show was about, so these are shots from my 8mm camera we used as a second camera. 

I hope this does not come off weird to you all, I just wanted to thank Cal for the burst of memories and in turn share it with you. If you all could just climb up into my head for a little while I guarantee you all be frightened cause outside of me... the other voices get very noisy...
(That's me and at some point I got booted out, cause these guys are great guys)


  1. Do zombies have memories? Do they retain the memories of people they eat? Now there's a story. Zombies go crazy because they have all the thoughts of their victims, then experience thought overload and then commit suicide to stop the gazillion voices in their heads all talking at once.

  2. What a cool memory flash!

    (I got your message about the interview posting on Sunday. Thanks! I shall let my legions of fans know, hehehe)

  3. We need no proof that you're awesome! Perhaps the tragedy had a blessing and a rebirth on the other side. I have found that in life events. I believe it would also be our blessing because it got you blogging.

  4. Very nice post. Glad you didn't go all bat-shit for losing your memories!

  5. Just goes to show, zombies are people too (only, you know, dead, and brain-eating and stuff).
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  6. Very cool to learn a little bit more about you!

  7. BNL was so cool. Went to their concert in LA years ago. Sad they broke up.
    My husband is in the film industry and bumps into all kinds of people too. It's a cool job.
    Check out his new project--

  8. thank you all, it has been a rough time... not totally un-heal-able, but it is nice to get the rush...

    and i think zombies get to remember their past and thoughts, that is why many hang around places they know... well in some cases. intriguing thought though!


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