"B" I Am Batman....

Okay I am a little late, but I wanted to share the "B" with you and welcome any new guests or followers to "iZombie Lover" iZombie for short. What I do here is art or things that I believe are cool or interesting, well at least to me. There are at least 1100+ people involved in this "A to Z Blog-fest" and that is a whole lot of post to read... I am going to share a quick in "picture" and "little" reading, so you can spend time roaming this great internet and enjoying all who are involved.

Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Feel free to stop in and say "Hello"... let me be the first, "Hello"!


  1. that particular duo looks like they'd be on the other side of the least in the school yards :P

  2. Cool pic. I thought I saw Batman once, of course I was also spending a little time with one Jack Daniels. ;)

  3. Hello! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I, too, am making the A to Z rounds.

    Love your "B." Batman is too cool. My daughter's fiance is a Batman afficianado...

  4. only one man, batman... now sing the theme in your head.


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