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Z is for More Zombies...

One last thing before the invasion, I know what you are saying "what invasion"... and I am saying it is coming.  Be prepared for this to happen... please take cover in shelters... remember loved ones cannot be trusted... Transmission is being compromised... signal lost. 


  1. Fellow A-Z Challenger dropping by to say hi!

  2. Hehe I already have my hubby working on our zombie escape plan. Have you got yours!?


  3. You've cheated! A blog for Zombies gives you an unfair advantage. Thanks for visiting me.

  4. I like your color-coded Zombie attack levels!

  5. one can never have too many zombies!

  6. There are different levels?
    I'll try to stay Alert, Informed and Alive!

  7. Hi there.

    If you don't mind my saying, something is a little off about this site. After further investigation, I've figured it out. You're short of 200 by just one follower. Might I be of service? I just might.

    Thanks for visiting and congrats on finishing the A-Z challenge.



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