Joys of Hallowe'en

The Joys of Hallowe'en
(Tunes: ''Geography Song'' and ''King of the Cannibal Islands/')

Have you played pranks on Hallowe'en?
If you have not, it's quickly seen…
That you have missed much pleasure keen.
That horrible, wonderful evening.


Ghosts and goblins, witches too, all...
would frolic then with you.
Bats and cats and rats that chew, hold carnival
Hallowe'en evening.

Do you know how a ticktack's wound? 
Do you know how to sneak around
And startle friends by gruesome sound?
That horrible, wonderful evening.

Have you dressed up just like a ghost?
Are ghastly groans your dearest boast?
Have you worn masks that scare folk most?
That horrible, wonderful evening.

Have you carved pumpkin heads with pride?
And placed a candle light inside?
And carried them both far and wide?
That horrible, wonderful evening.

Have you played fortune-telling games
And learned your future sweethearts' names?
For bobbing apples made your claims?
That horrible, wonderful evening.

There are so many jolly stunts.
If you would try them all just once.
You'd think a quiet child a dunce.
That wonderful, horrible evening.

And so it begins...
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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