The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Episode 301 [IMAGES]

Since the show is just around the corner, I thought I would share in honor of the "Countdown to Halloween" during the month of October and the "Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk 2012" October 19, 2012 hosted by: Zombies Everywhere. I would start planting my "Walking Dead" Season 3 seeds, yes these are images from the up and coming show. So look away if you don't like "The Dead" and if you missed them on this site... by then all means look.

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  1. Ack, gadzooks! I can't wait for the shizz to happen. Not a real zombiepocalypse (although I think I would be ready) but Walking Dead. Two more weeks, two more weeks.

  2. I can hardly wait. Zombies. My favorite.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. what a nice chap in that third pic, wonder which mascara he uses?
    I will organize riots if my cable operator doesn't give me the new channel on which they will air the third season here in my country.


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