Murder Mansion - Short Story by: Lorelei Bell

Okay I am having to show my stuff and share a great new read from my great friend and author "Lorelei Bell" I am not even sure how friends are made, but I have many of you out there... some close and some even closer... So last week she called me up on the old rotary dial phone... ring, ring. Hey I have this short story called "Murder Mansion" and I wonder if you might have an idea for a cover for this... you know me, I jumped at the chance.

Info: Murder Mansion is a ghost story. It's premise is centered on the fact that people who have come to tragic or horrific endings, must return to re-live those moments that put them in the grave. What happened to James and Joan was horrific. They both must return to that same house, or mansion, where something horrible happened to Joan, and James was blamed for her murder.

If you stare at it for a bit it the red blood will start to vibrate, yes this was my thought to make it do it. It was a treat and pleasure to be able to make it. If you all would like click on the links above to learn more about her and books. Also tell her that Retro-Zombie sent you, I know that is silly... this way she knows I care.

If you need a book cover designed or any other items... you know where to find me.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie] 

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  1. I love Lorelei's stuff. She's great!

    Hugs and chocolate,

    Great spooky cover, too.

  2. Excellent cover, Jeremy! Too early for the words to vibrate. They just puddled and slid off the cover...

  3. Hi, everyone out there. I'm checking in sort a late, but had to work a full day today.

    And just in case anyone needs this on Smashwords, well, it's there too!

    Thank you Jermey for putting this up.
    Thank you Shelly for coming by and tooting a horn for me (^;

  4. Very cool cover! I love the sound of the story as well.


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