Working with Composers: Scott Glasgow, BC Smith and Stevan Mena

True Hallowe'en

The True Hallowe'en
(Tune: ''A Merry Life/' by Denza,)
Some think that Hallowe'en is made for witches,
So black and sly, so black and sly.
Who torture boys and girls with switches.
I wonder why? I wonder why?
But I, I think I know the reason,
For strange things done, for strange things done.
It's just because it is the season
For lots of fun, for lots of fun!


Gather, gather with your pumpkin heads.
Gather, gather, have no thought of beds.
It is the night when any fright
And any plight is really right!

Gather, all you boys and girls.
And cast away your dreads.
Some think that Hallowe'en is made for mischief,
But that's unkind. But that's unkind.
The folk that walk are really friendly,
So you will find. So you will find.
The ghosts and witches all are jolly,
So are the cats. So are the cats.
To fear or hate them is all folly,
Even the bats. Even the bats.

Sing... sing... song!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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  1. you mean Halloween isn't made for witches? Gotta take my black cauldron back to the attic then....


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