Spray Blood "GIVEAWAY" and Me Covered in Red!

Spray Blood allows users to create realistic-looking bullet holes, dripping blood lines and blood spatter effects on fabrics, plastic, glass and rubber. The paint provides an inexpensive and simple fake blood technique for film and theater wardrobes and set designs as well as gory Halloween costumes and decor. Spray Blood comes in a nitrogen-propelled can and emits virtually no fumes so it is safe to use inside and Eco-friendly. 

So the contest, good news and the bad news... bad news first, "ONLY OPEN TO UNITED STATES" okay that is out of the way. How to enter, "LEAVE COMMENT HERE", check... "LIKE SPRAY BLOOD FACEBOOK... Tell them RETRO-ZOMBIE sent you!", check... and bonus "LIKE [RETRO-ZOMBIE] FACEBOOK". It will end when the can I have goes empty... kidding I want you all to have this before Halloween so... Contest ends October 5th, it will be sent directly from the sponsor. Also please visit their website for some helpful tips on how to make the best use of the SPRAY BLOOD".

Good Luck!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. I love Pete!

    Comment, check
    Spray Blood Facebook like, check
    Retro-Zombie sent me, check
    Retro-Zombie Facebook like, gratefully checked :)

    ~Random Girl

  2. I freaking love your new site set-up by the way, I can't stop looking at it and turning green with envy! I need to change mine up a bit ;)

  3. Dude I could so have fun with this!!

  4. how much do we get paid to accept this gift? :PP

  5. Oh man, we could totally use this for Halloween. Y'all should defiantly pick me :)

  6. wicked cool


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