Six Strings with... Drew Seeley

Yes, I guess this is one for the ladies out there, he was a very nice person and I was happy to talk to him about his film... and other stuff. If you would like to find out about "Drew Seeley" feel free and you know where to [CLICK]...

It's kind of funny when you get a chance to interview someone from somewhere, it's like they share stuff with you on a fun and personal level. I have a tendency to follow someone I have met or interviewed, well at least if they are cool or good people.

Who are some of the good people you have met, that you feel good about and follow their personal progress. It can be famous people, blog people or just people?
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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  1. Isabel makes a good Frankenweenie!
    Watching the success of some of my blogger buddies has been really amazing.

  2. he's very cute in the first picture!
    I also love to stay in contact with the celebs I've interviewed and I've stayed friends with some of the very dear ones! Good people. good people.
    Isabel is a true delight :)


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