1500th Post and a Little Thing About the Film "LOOPER"

So I am not sure if it some sort of record to reach 1500 post, but if you knew me you would know I don't keep up with anything. I am one of those people who come up with an idea, work out all the details.. play with it for a while, then and move onto the next idea. As you have seen some changes across the I have been here from design, logos, zombies, e.t.c.... you all have become my friends.

Oh Yeah, Looper I just wanted to tell you I have my biggest interviews yet, well it is too me... but it is someone from the Looper... well at least connections to it. I am talking in riddles for a second, let me explain... I have interviewed several cool people in my life time, this is the first time I got it while the film was still in the theater. Okay more on Monday, but if you look around you might find the interview if you know where to look... Riddles, maybe?

So this is the last day for you to enter the "SPRAY BLOOD" giveaway, winner will be revealed on Monday, so you all will have to come back Monday, wink!

Just like Navin R. Johnson... said "The New Phone Book is Here, The New Phone Book is Here"... my new Neatorama "T-shirts" are up, perfect timing, cause you all know I love talking about myself... This is a new batch from my head, some you will know... some you will love [FINGERS CROSSED]... go ahead, you know you want to look... it's okay they are for everybody. I am also 13 people away from "500 Followers", so join up get this angels his wings and remember there is a giveaway...

I forgot scary stuff today, you think... well I don't think so... this is for my friend Calvin, so stop over and thank him for being him... he has an awesome site, even more cool than many including mine!

So recap... 1500 post, check... Looper surprise, check... Spray Blood giveaway, check... My New T-Shirts, check... 500 Followers Giveaway, check... and Visit Cal, check... that is everything....

Have a great day everyone, please check into all the places... I will be watching!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. Man, the theater I frequent has been promising to bring "Looper" for 5 weeks and still nothing. Damn them!

    Nevertheless, I am going to go see "Taken 2" this weekend as well as "End of Watch."


  2. 1500 posts! Congratulations. I think I've done 500. Maybe.
    Now I am stoked for that interview.
    And only thirteen away from 500? If you're not there by Sunday night, I'll do another shout-out for you Monday.

  3. Congratulations on 1500! Awesome! I will hit 500 during this month's Halloween Horrorfest. I am most intrigued by your Looper surprise interview - congrats on it whoever it is.

  4. I'd watch LOOPER only for Milie Blunt :)

  5. Congratulations on the milestone. I know how satisfying it is to look back on your work and you have a lot to be proud of. Following your vision is what inspires me and you always give me something interesting to check out. Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate the love.

  6. Love the new blog look man! Congrats on the milestone too. Can't wait for the interview!

  7. Okay, The Jerk is my all time favorite movie!!!!!! "The cans are defective!!!" hahhahah Woo hoo spray blood!


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