Candy Corn, CAPTCHA's and The Walking Dead Season 3

Well what we have here is a  failure you to communicate... I signed up for the "Countdown to Halloween" where we all celebrate our certain love for October for the 31 Days of it. I am not sure I will be posting every day, cause you see I signed up too many places. I did not calculate the post in numbers, so I am loopy on the what am I going to do.

Second, I have run into a handful of the damn "CAPTCHA" being on and on top of that... you jump the hoop only to be sent to "Waiting Approval"... What the Hell. I have over a thousand "crap comments" waiting for me to throw them out. So people I give you... no more CAPTCHA... turn it off!

Last I was featured on "RA for All: Horror" as part of their 31 one days of horror, it's about me talking about me and my crazy stuff... Really it is about Horror sites and there are so many of us out there! Yes, as it reads THE WALKING DEAD, starts real soon and as for the candy corn... that zombie ate them all.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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[Retro] Love the Comments, not so much the Spam... so I have enough man-pills, fake gold watches and link-back options that I need. Thank you!

No More Anonymous Monkeys to much of the above mentioned, sorry sometimes I get some nice things.