The Nineties Blogfest and My Sexy Star Trek: Next Generation [2013]

Okay let me explain... I had nothing for this "The Nineties Blogfest" hosted by Dave Wrote This... so it got me to thinking about if they are remaking the Star Trek Universe in film, the next to come might be "The Next Generation" as well. So I started thinking about the perfect cast replacements, not the original cast could not pull it off... I just started thinking and built this poster and thought you could add your ideas to who you might like to see in these iconic roles.With a little twist and turn I sort of tossed all the rules of the game and I am sorry for that, please don't be mad... enjoy. 

Sidenote: My thought is the only good thing I remember from the 90's was Star Trek: The Next Generation, because of the accident and my head injuries. It creates blocked memories and as I suffer from a flush of forced total recall and in this case it was this.

Cheat Sheet:

Captain Jean-Luc Picard -   
Commander William T. Riker -   
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge -   
Lieutenant Worf -   
Counselor Deanna Troi -   
Lt. Commander Data -   
Doctor Beverly Crusher -   
Wesley Crusher - 

Just like a remake or reboot I give you my inspiration of "The Nineties Blogfest"... I hope you like it!!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. I think Hiddleston could pull off Data!

  2. That's really good casting right down the kine. Might I add Robert Downey Jr. as Q?

  3. I don't know about the others yet, but for Geordi I'd go with Jeffrey Wright or Don Cheadle.

  4. Please, gawd, no Rock with a visor!

    Other than that, I like the picks.

  5. Oh, nice recasting job! I hadn't heard about the accident and head injury and I'm sorry to hear it. There was a lot of great music in the 90s... I did like Star Trek: the Next Generation, though.

  6. I love your casting choices! I would watch Tom Hiddleston in anything. I admit, I never got into old Star Trek (I KNOW), but I loved the JJ Abrams reboot. If TNG was remade I would definitely check it out.

  7. I like your picks except for Dr. Crusher. Maybe Reba or Donna from Dr. Who or Claudia Black.

  8. Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Michael Fassbender (!)
    Commander William T. Riker - Gerard Butler
    Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge - Anthony Mackie
    Lieutenant Worf - Tiny Lister
    Counselor Deanna Troi - Keira Knightley
    Lt. Commander Data - Jeffrey Combs
    Doctor Beverly Crusher - Famke Janssen
    Wesley Crusher - Jim Parsons

  9. that's an amazing choice, Zombie! Love it! Dane, Kunis, Dwayne, and above all my dear Hiddlestud, I love it!

  10. Oooo I like all the new picks!!

  11. I'm sorry I didn't get to this sooner. It's an interesting idea, but I'd find recasting difficult. I'd want to pay every part myself.

    I'd be curious to see your ideas for DS9, Voyager and Enterprise as well.

    Dave Wrote This


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