Halloween Comes Early... Thanks to Something WicKED!!

Big box on my doorstep and it's addressed to me... I am afraid at first, then like a kid on their birthday... I rip this open and it's full of fun and holiday cheer... I wanted to thank friends over at "Something WicKED" for having such a great contest a little time ago and being able to share it with all of us!

"rapping at [his] chamber door"
I also in another contest won a blu-ray/dvd of John Cusack's film "THE RAVEN" where it will challenge the idea that Edgar Allen Poe was more than just a macabre writer. I wanted to thank my other friend "I Like Horror Movies" who is my inspiration to keep the horror alive.

Last thing for today, so I reached my 500 plus 1 and I am pretty happy about that... so the contest is over, I will be picking a someone real soon. Thank you for the support and welcome my newest friends.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. Awesome prizes - good stuff!
    And big congratulations on hitting five hundred followers. Well deserved, my friend.

  2. I was totally getting worried you all had not received them! Glad you got it man!Happy Halloween!

  3. oooh, so many cool goodies! You will get spoiled :)

  4. Congrats on 500 followers, that is awesome! Here's to many more discovering your brilliant corner of the blogosphere. And what cool assortment of prizes...I'm jealous :)


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