W - Worst TV Characters Ever

Worst TV Characters Ever

01. The Tanner Family, "Full House"
02. Diane Chambers, "Cheers"
03. Andy Rooney, "60 Minutes"
04. Steve Urkel, "Family Matters"
05. Jan Brady, "The Brady Bunch"
06. Kathie Lee Gifford, "Regis and Kathie Lee"
07. Dawson Leery, "Dawson's Creek"
08. Elvin, "The Cosby Show"
09. Carrie, "Sex and the City"
10. Harry Solomon, "Third Rock From the Sun"
11. Thelma Harper, "Mama's Family"
12. Buddy Lembeck, "Charles In Charge"
13. Jimmy Fallon, "Saturday Night Live"
14. Bryant Gumbel
15. Joey, "Blossom"
16. Ernestine, "Laugh-In"
17. Bobby Donnell, "The Practice"
18. Dr. Phil, "Dr. Phil"
19. Ben Seaver, "Growing Pains"
20. Jesse Camp, "MTV"
21. Janice Lazarotto, "Head of the Class"
22. Face, "The A Team"
23. Jonathan, "Growing Pains"
24. Fran, "The Nanny"
25. Wesley, "Mr. Belvidere"

Now you may not agree, but this the most solid of a list I could find on the internet.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. That's good especially Diane Chambers!

  2. The only one I'd disagree with is Andy Rooney. Loved his humorous take on things.

  3. I'd have to disagree with Steve Urkel, I thought he was hilarious. The Tanner Family, however, I agree with 100%. We are still feeling the residuals of their existence via the horror that is the Olson Twins.

  4. Bryant Gumbel? Heck, you could throw Howard Cosell on that list then. And surprised Wesley wasn't the one from Star Trek Next Gen.

  5. The only one I don't agree with on this list is Steve Urkel. The character of Steve Urkel made "Family Matters." Without him on the show, it wasn't worth watching.

  6. Face, from The A Team? Really? Now them's fighting words! LOL

  7. Carrie from SEX AND THE CITY is an example of an annoying character, she had everything men don't like in women, and yet female audience preferred her to other three, nice ladies whom boys liked.

    Don't agree on Nanny, loved her to bits :)

  8. Totally agree about Urkel but I rather liked Harry on Third Rock and, having grown up with the Brady family, I have too many fond memories to dislike any of them (however unrealistic the show might have been).

  9. Each of us have our own annoying characters. If I find a character too annoying, I switch off the series. But TV these days is mostly a wasteland. Great post!

  10. But I love Carrie Bradshaw! ;)

  11. While I disagree with a couple of them (I personally loved Face) I actually agree with the majority of them, AND am amused that you included real people in with the fictional characters.

  12. I fitting list. During the sleepless nights when my son was born the only thing on was "Family Matters." I grew to loathe Urkel, so he's number one for me.

  13. Ugh I hate it but I love Jimmy Fallon, he's so damn cute lol. And Sex in the City is my guilty pleasure, but fine list my friend! I can even see how people would like the two I like

  14. I love it when a plan comes together, oh wait, that was Hannible and he was cool!

  15. O.k, I have to take issue with you putting Faceman from the A-Team on the list. I thought he was a great character.

    Now, had you said Frankie Santanna (from the fifth season of The A-Team), I would have totally agreed :)

  16. You included Dr. Phil but forgot Jerry Springer! Shame on you. But, I will say, Steve Urkel always annoyed the crap out of me so good job including him. You have some truly awful characters on this list!

  17. I always enjoy trading visits from you, Jeremy. Not sure about your Worst Character list, though -- are these characters you hate (and therefore don't want to watch) or characters you LOVE to hate? If so, what about Frank Burns from MASH?

    Cormanically yours,
    Beverly in Movieland

  18. As far as being the very least favorites...they did well financially...and thrived on the screeen for the most part. I would agree and disagree Carrie Bradshaw was one of the worst. I loved and hated that show equally. LOL

  19. I'm sure that's just the tip of the ice berg too!


  20. I honestly can't think of anyone right now! Thanks for all your work on the challenge!


  21. I agree with most of those, but you insulted some of my favorites, too. I'd say it's a good start, just needs some editing.


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