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A to Z Challenge Reflections Post
We will be doing a reflections post again this year and invite all participants of the Challenge to join us.

What did you enjoy about the Challenge?
What could we do better next year?
What issues did you encounter? (Word verification, unable to comment, long posts, etc.) Did you encounter many non-participants? (With help from our minions, we tried really hard to clean the list this year.) Theme or no theme – what seemed to work better? Did you find any great themes?
Did you have fun and will you participate again next year?

Your Reflections can be posted anytime from May 3 through May 10. The Linky List will go live May 3 and we ask you to add the link to your post, not your website, once you have posted. The Challenge hosts read every one so we know where to improve for next year.

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. A shameless plug for your shop.
    Reflections- I was only a reader of the posts for the past three years. Will I participate next year? Probably not. I enjoy being the beneficiary of awesome blog posts like yours.

  2. I need to check for new stuff since you said some were now going to be available in black.
    And I still really wish I'd written that Reflections post announcement better since you guys are all using it!

  3. we do love monkey business....

  4. I really like your shop a lot. If my situation were not as it is I would have already spent half my treasure there.

  5. I need a boatload of money to order every single one of your items because I want, I want, I want. Your art is fantastic and amazing. Can I take one of these buttons to put on my blog to advertise for you, my friend? I didn't know I could grab them or not.

  6. You have some very cool looking tees over at the shop....the Ninja Army is calling my name, I think :)

  7. Love the shameless plug! Hmm, Mother's Day is coming up, I may need to buy myself a gift! Sometimes to wear to the PTA luncheons, ha ha.
    Jess / Blogging on the Brink

  8. You do have nice things in your store. If only I was a zombie fan. LOL

  9. I missed out the reflections post last year because I was away. Look forward to everyone's thoughts!

  10. Cool...I'll have to come back and check out the store. Also will write a reflections post when the challenge is over. Short on time tonight or I would stay and browse around more.

  11. You sure ask a lot of questions.

    You with the FBI or something?



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