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Favorite "Not So Bright" Characters

Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson) CHEERS
Lowell Mather (Thomas Haden Church) WINGS
Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate) MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN
Ernie "Coach" Pantuso (Nicholas Colasanto) CHEERS
Bull Shannon (Richard Moll) NIGHT COURT
Sean Garrity (Steven Pasquale) RESCUE ME
Jennifer Keaton (Justine Bateman) FAMILY TIES
Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) THE SIMPSONS
Joey Russo (Joey Lawrence) BLOSSOM
The Todd [Scrubs]
Earnest T Bass - The Andy Griffith Show
Willy Gilligan - Gilligan's Island
Joey Tribbiani - Friends
Cosmo Kramer - Seinfeld
The Janitor - Scrubs
Timmy - South Park
Harry Solomon - Third Rock From The Sun
Micheal Kelso - That 70's Show
Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane - The Dukes Of Hazzard
Lowell Mather - Wings
Ed Grimley - SCTV, Saturday Night Live

Do you have one that may not be on this list, who and why?
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. "Coach", from Cheers, has to be one of my favorites.

  2. Bull! Always liked Night Court.
    I'd add Luther and Dauber from Coach.

    1. Alex: I loved Luther and Dauber. Great stuff.

      Jeremy: Wow, already on N.

  3. Kelly Bundy exemplifies dumb blonde.

  4. Excellent list, bro, though I'd add Barney Fife to the Andy Griffith show. We are huge fans.

    Oh, I'm still so naive...but getting more educated the more I "hang out" with writer buddies. Congrats on getting your first story published. Big milestone - I remember it vividly. Then I bought a book for each of my in-laws, The Engineer, and Best. Only best made a comment about my story. My family is still, "Oh that's a nice little hobby, honey."

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  5. OOPS. You get DL's comment AGAIN! Damn. See, here's what I have to do to leave a comment. Load page. It doesn't load right. Load again. Read post write comment, try to publish. Won't publish. Copy comment. Refresh page AGAIN. Post comment. Oh, I hate Windows 8's new "update"...

  6. Bull and Lowell probably tie for the funniest but, growing up, there was nobody hotted than Kelly Bundy. Yowza!

  7. well, you need no brain when you have muscles like Joey Russo :)

  8. Poor Joey. Always the idiot of the group.

  9. Kelly Bundy needed no brains with her beauty -- though I suspected she was smarter than she let on!

  10. You'll have to explain why The Todd and especially The Janitor were on this list.

  11. I always thought this was an interesting trope for sitcoms, the "dumb" character. Heck, "Friends" had two of them. What is it that makes us want to have that guy or girl who always says or does stupid things? Probably because it makes them easy to write jokes for.

  12. Don't hate me, but I've never liked the Simpsons.

  13. Christina Applegate was so hot on Married, I watched just for her. And Kramer, well sometimes he liked to help the humans (after Jerry had called him a "pod" earlier in the show).

    Great list and brought back some memories...could have included both Beavis and Butthead!

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now

  14. I think this may be my favorite post of yours so far. Love the dumb characters! LOL

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  15. I always loved Dauber from Coach and guilty pleasure Donna Martin from 90210.


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