G - Gone... 1980-1984 Part: One

Cancelled TV Shows 1980-1084

Breaking Away – ABC, comedy, Shaun Cassidy, Vincent Gardenia
Enos – CBS, comedy, Sonny Shroyer, Samuel E. Wright
Freebie & The Bean – CBS, crime drama, Tom Mason, Hector Elizondo, William Daniels
Games People Play – NBC, sports, Bryant Gumbel
The Gangster Chronicles – NBC, drama, Joe Penny, Markie Post, Brian Benben
I’m A Big Girl Now – ABC, comedy, Diana Canova, Danny Thomas
Ladies’ Man – CBS, comedy, Lawrence Pressman
Marie – NBC, variety, Marie Osmond
Secrets Of Midland Heights – CBS, soap, Bibi Besch, Mark Pinter, Lorenzo Lamas, Linda Hamilton
Speak Up, America – NBC, human interest, Marjoe Gortner
Steve Allen Comedy Hour – NBC, variety, Steve Allen
Those Amazing Animals – ABC, animals, Priscilla Presley, Burgess Meredith
Walking Tall – NBC, crime drama, Bo Svenson
Best Of The West – ABC, comedy, Joel Higgins
Bret Maverick – NBC, western, James Garner
Code Red – ABC, adventure, Lorne Greens, Adam Rich
Darkroom – ABC, occult anthology, James Coburn
Fitz & Bones – NBC, comedy/drama, 4 episodes, Dick & Tom Smothers
Jessica Novak – CBS, drama, Helen Shaver
Lewis & Clark – NBC, comedy, Gabe Kaplan
Maggie – ABC, comedy, Doris Roberts
McClain’s Law – NBC, crime drama, James Arness
Mr. Merlin – CBS, comedy, Barnard Hughes
The Nashville Palace – NBC, variety, Slim Pickens
Shannon – CBS, crime drama, Kevin Dobson
Strike Force – ABC, crime drama, Robert Stack
Today’s FBI – ABC, crime drama, Mike Connors
Bring ‘Em Back Alive – CBS, adventure, Bruce Boxleitner
The Devlin Connection – NBC, detective drama, Rock Hudson, Jack Scalia
Gavilan – NBC, adventure, Robert Urich
Gloria – CBS, comedy, Sally Struthers
It Takes Two – ABC, comedy, Richard Crenna, Patty Duke Astin
The New Odd Couple – ABC, comedy, Ron Glass, Demond Wilson
The Powers Of Matthew Star – NBC, sci-fi, Peter Barton, Louis Gossett, Jr.
The Quest – ABC, adventure, 6 episodes, Perry King
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers – CBS, adventure, Richard Dean Anderson
Square Pegs – CBS, comedy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Linker
Star Of The Family – ABC, comedy, Brian Dennehy, Kathy Maisnik
Tales Of The Gold Monkey – ABC, adventure, Stephen Collins, Jeff MacKay
Tucker’s Witch – CBS, detective drama, Tim Matheson, Catherine Hicks
Voyagers – NBC, sci-fi, Jon-Erik Hexum; Meeno Peluce
Bay City Blues – NBC, drama, Dennis Franz, Ken Olin, Sharon Stone
Boone – NBC, drama, Tom Byrd
Cutter To Houston – CBS, drama, Alec Baldwin
Emerald Point N.A.S. – CBS, drama, Dennis Weaver, Sela Ward, Susan Dey
For Love & Honor – NBC, drama, Keenen Ivory Wayans
It’s Not Easy – ABC, comedy, Ken Howard, Billy Jacoby
Jennifer Slept Here – NBC, comedy, Ann Jillian, John P. Navin, Jr., Glenn Scarpelli
Just Our Luck – ABC, comedy, T.K. Carter
Lottery – ABC, dramatic anthology, Ben Murphy, Marshall Colt
Manimal – NBC, crime drama/fantasy, Simon MacCorkindale
Mr. Smith – NBC, comedy, Leonard Frey
Oh, Madeline – ABC, comedy, Madeline Kahn
The Rousters – NBC, adventure, Chad Everett, Jim Varney
Trauma Center – ABC, drama, James Naughton, Wendie Malick
We Got It Made – NBC, comedy, Teri Copley, Tom Villard
Whiz Kids – CBS, detective/adventure, A Martinez, Todd Porter
The Yellow Rose – NBC, soap, Cybill Shepherd, Chuck Connors
Call To Glory – ABC, drama, Craig T. Nelson, Elizabeth Shue
Charles In Charge – CBS, comedy, Scott Baio, Willie Aames
Cover Up – CBS, detective drama, Jon-Erik Hexum, Jennifer O'Neill
Dreams – CBS, comedy, 5 episodes, John Stamos
E/R – CBS, comedy, Elliott Gould, George Clooney
Finder Of Lost Loves – ABC, detective drama, Tony Franciosa, Deborah Adair
Glitter – ABC; Dec 1985, ABC late night, drama, David Birney, Morgan Brittany
Hawaiian Heat – ABC, crime drama, Jeff McCracken
Hot Pursuit – NBC, drama, Kerrie Keane
It’s Your Move – NBC, comedy, Jason Bateman, David Garrison
Jessie – ABC, crime drama, Lindsey Wagner
Paper Dolls – ABC drama, Dack Rambo, Morgan Fairchild
Partners In Crime – NBC, detective drama, Lyndia Cater, Loni Anderson
People Do The Crazy Things – ABC, humor, Bert Convy
Three’s A Crowd – ABC, comedy, John Ritter, Mary Cadorette
V – NBC, sci-fi, Mark Singer, Robert Englund

We love the 80's, come on some of these we all watched and miss!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. A lot of great shows there and a lot of good memories to go with them.

    I absolutely loved The Quest and have been trying to find it on DVD for years....literally. I also, vaguely, remember Gavilan.

    My mom was a huge fan of Partners in Crime, as well.

    Great stuff!

  2. Wow, I'd forgotten all about so many of these shows. I think I'll head to Youtube for a bit of nostalgic searching.

  3. Great list. I'd forgotten over half of them.

  4. I remember a lot of those, like Tales of the Green Monkey. And have you seen Mark Singer lately? Not good.
    Funny video! When it first came out, it was Green Jello and they had to change the name.

  5. I was a baby in those days, but I did love the later part of the 80's with GOLDEN GIRLS, HOME IMPROVEMENT, COSBY SHOW, BLOSSOM and all the soaps :)

  6. I really miss Bret Maverick. Guess that kinda dates me AND James Garner.
    Sue CollectInTexasGal
    AtoZ LoneStar Quilting Bee

    1. what about the Rockford Files, was that before or after?

  7. Three's Company...yup, loved that one.

  8. That's quite the list. Yup, Three's Company, V, and so many others. ER for pete's sake. Though I'd run out of time to watch it long before they cancelled it. So many shows, so little time...
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  9. great list - I think I only watched a few of those shows. I did love ER though - Clooney helped :)

  10. I remember Emerald Point and V, and the near heart attack when they were cancelled. :(

  11. OMG! Great list here.
    It took lot of time to open your page in my computer,
    Pl. check is it because of the graphic things around :-)
    Keep inform

  12. I don't remember the name of the show that had Jason Bateman in it, but I do remember that it was my favorite show on TV for the few months I recall seeing it. I've thought about it since, I'm not sure if I'd feel that way now.

  13. For someone who watched a lot of TV back in those days, it's amazing how many of these shows I don't remember.

    Bring ‘Em Back Alive, The Quest, Tales Of The Gold Monkey, and V were definite must-see-TV for me.

  14. I loved Brett Maverick and TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY -- some surprise, huh? A Western with a sense of humor and a serial based adventure in the islands pre-WWII! Great post. V of course. Ah, my imagination always made alternate adventures of those shows!

  15. Well, now you're just cheating...E/R!

  16. Wow, that's such a long list! Even when I was younger, I was a sci-fi/fantasy fan, so I really only remember those, such as V, which I loved. :)

    From A to Z, Kristen's blog:

  17. Bring 'Em Back Alive was an interesting exciting series. I always wondered why they axed that show.

  18. E/R (1984–1985) was a sitcom...

    Jeremy [Retro]

  19. Great list, but I'm kind of glad V got cancelled.

  20. 1980-1084? Whhhaaaatt???

    So many of these shows. So many. Damn if I wasn't a tv-aholic. And no one saved me. :)

  21. Excelente post Jeremy, muchas gracias por compartirlo. Te quiero invitar a mi nuevo Blog de Cine de Terror que seguramente te gustará, espero tus comentarios en:

    Un gran saludo, Oz.

  22. Wow! What a list! I watched a lot of those shows!


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