M - My Show is Gone! 1985-1989 Part: Two

Cancelled TV Shows

Alfred Hitchcock Presents – NBC, suspense anthology, Alfred Hitchcock
Charlie & Company – CBS, comedy, Flip Wilson, Gladys Knight
George Burns Comedy Week – CBS, comedy, George Burns
Hell Town – NBC, drama, Robert Blake
Hollywood Beat – ABC, crime drama, Jack Scalia
Hometown – CBS, comedy/drama, Jane Kaczmarek, Daniel Stern
The Insiders – ABC, drama, Nicholas Campbell
Lady Blue – ABC, crime drama, Jamie Rose
Lime Street – ABC, adventure/detective, Robert Wagner, John Standing
Misfits Of Science – NBC, adventure, Courtney Cox, Max Wright
Our Family Honor – ABC, drama, Ray Liotta, Sheree J. Wilson
Stir Crazy – CBS, comedy/adventure, Larry Wilder, Joseph Guzaldo
Better Days – CBS, comedy, 5 episodes, Raphael Sbarge
Downtown – CBS, police drama, Blair Underwood
Easy Street – NBC, comedy, Loni Anderson
The Ellen Burstyn Show – ABC, comedy, Ellen Burstyn, Megan Mullally
Heart Of The City – ABC, police drama, Robert Desiderio
Jack & Mike – ABC, comedy/drama, Shelley Hack
Kay O’Brien – CBS, medical drama, Patricia Kalember
Life With Lucy – ABC, comedy, Lucy Ball, Gale Gordon
New Mike Hammer – CBS, detective drama, Stacy Keach
1986 – NBC, newsmagazine, Roger Mudd, Connie Chung
Our World – ABC, documentary, Linda Ellerbee, Ray Gandolf
Sidekicks – ABC, comedy, Gil Gerard, Ernie Reyes, Jr., Frank Bonner
Starman – ABC, sci-fi, Robert Hays, C.B. Barnes
Together We Stand – CBS, comedy, Elliott Gould, Dee Wallace Stone
The Wizard – CBS, adventure, David Rappaport
Buck James – ABC, medical drama, Dennis Weaver
Dolly – ABC, musical variety, Dolly Parton
Everything’s Relative – CBS, comedy, 6 episodes, Jason Alexander
Frank’s Place – CBS, comedy, Tim Reid, Daphne Maxwell Reid
I Married Dora – ABC, comedy, Daniel Hugh-Kelly
J.J. Starbuck – NBC, adventure, Dale Robertson
The Law & Harry McGraw – CBS, detective, Jerry Orbach
Leg Work – CBS, detective, Margaret Colin
Oldest Rookie – CBS; police drama, Paul Sorvino, D.W. Moffett
Once A Hero – ABC, fantasy/adventure – first cancellation, Jeff Lester
Private Eye – NBC, detective drama, Josh Brolin
Second Chance – FOX, comedy, Matthew Perry, Kiel Martin
Slap Maxwell Story – ABC, comedy, Dabney Coleman
Women In Prison – FOX, comedy, Wendie Jo Sperber
A Year In The Life – NBC, drama, Adam Arkin, Sarah Jessica Parker
Annie McGuire – CBS, comedy, Mary Tyler Moore, Adrien Brody
Baby Boom – NBC, comedy, Kate Jackson, Joy Behar
Dirty Dancing – CBS, comedy, Patrick Cassidy, Melora Hardin
High Risk – CBS, magazine, Wayne Rogers
Incredible Sunday – ABC, documentary, John Davidson
Knightwatch – ABC, drama, Benjamin Bratt
Murphy’s Law – ABC, detective drama, George Segal
Police Story – ABC, police anthology
Raising Miranda – CBS, comedy, James Naughton, Bryan Cranston
Something Is Out There – NBC, sci-fi, Joe Cortese
TV 101 – CBS, drama, Sam Robards, Matt LeBlanc
Tattingers – NBC, drama, Stephen Collins
The Van Dyke Show – CBS, comedy, Dick Van Dyke
Alien Nation – FOX, sci-fi, Gary Graham
Baywatch – NBC, adventure, David Hasselhoff, Parker Stevenson
Booker – FOX, detective drama, Richard Grieco
Chicken Soup – ABC, comedy, Jackie Mason, Lynn Redgrave
Christine Cromwell – ABC, crime drama, Jaclyn Smith
Famous Teddy Z – CBS, comedy, Jon Cryer, Alex Rocco
Free Spirit – ABC, comedy, Corinne Bohrer
Hardball – NBC, police drama, John Aston, Richard Tyson
Homeroom – ABC, comedy, Darrly Sivad
Island Son – CBS, medical drama, Richard Chamberlain
Kojak – ABC, police drama, Telly Savalas, Andre Braugher
Living Dolls – ABC, comedy, Michael Learned, Leah Remini, Halle Berry
Mancuso, FBI – NBC, police drama, Robert Loggia
The Nutt House – NBC, comedy, Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman
Open House – FOX, comedy, Allison LaPlaca, Ellen DeGeneres
A Peaceable Kingdom – CBS, drama, Lindsay Wagner, Tom Wopat
People Next Door – CBS, comedy, 4 episodes, Jeffrey Jones
Saturday Night With Connie Chung – CBS, newsmagazine, Connie Chung
Sister Kate – NBC, comedy, Stephanie Beacham, Jason Priestley
Snoops – CBS, detective drama, Danny Nucci
Top Of The Hill – CBS, political drama, William Katt
Wolf – CBS, detective drama, Jack Scalia

With some great names, why did some of these fail?
Starman – ABC, sci-fi, Robert Hays, C.B. Barnes
Alien Nation – FOX, sci-fi, Gary Graham

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. Neither Starman or Alien Nation translated well from big screen to small screen. And Kojak was on that long? Wow. Didn't that start in the 70's?

  2. Richard Grieco... LOL... what happened to him? Is he active still?

  3. I used to love "Booker", even though it wasn't on all that long. It was one of those 'hip, late 80s' shows, along with Alien Nation that I enjoyed a lot.

    Also, J.J. Starbuck...I remember watching it a few times, but nothing really stood out apart from the theme song.

    T.V. was just so cool back then...unlike today.

  4. Misfits Of Science - damn, but I loved that show!

    Starman & Alien Nation were great shows as well, rare examples of how TV can actually improve upon the original movie.

  5. Starman! I haven't thought about that show in years. Apparently they still have a raving fan base.

  6. I am not Rappaport...Some of these shows I really wish I'd have seen.

  7. You know, I was devastated when they cancelled "My Mother the Car." Um classic American televison?

    Nice to see my non-conformist alphabet challenge has crossed paths with the A to Z at the letter "M". I love it when a plan works out! :)

    Happy alphabeting, my friend.


  8. I love sci-fi, so of course all my shows are canceled.

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  9. Mancuso FBI was awesome! I also loved Sister Kate and I Married Dora.

  10. Wow. The memories. Must not look them up on Youtube! Must not!



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