V - Visit the Gift Shop! - A to Z Challenge [2014]

Yes I know, I think I did this last year... so if you have enjoyed the A to Z Challenge, please stop over and pick yourself up a T-shirt from my "Neatorama" collection. Be fashionable and be different! [CLICK HERE] 
Really hope you have enjoyed the challenge, I was not able to get around like I have in the past due some life stuff going on. If you are here I am hoping that you are enjoying my "mostly" MARVEL homage posts over the last several weeks. I am planning on catching up, so if you would like to "friend/follow" my site here please do.
-Jeremy [Retro]


I am everywhere: TWITTER, FACEBOOK, HOWLIN’ WOLF: OLM and HBA [HORROR SITES]. Last visit MY T-SHIRTS STORE at NEATORAMA something always going on and it is one click away!


  1. You did an awesome job this year, Jeremy - no worries!!!

  2. I'm already 'different'. I'm a writer yanno.
    *checking out the T-shirts anyway*

    Thanks for hosting 2014 A to Z!!

  3. You do some awesome work Man. Considering all you've been through you're doing a great job Jeremy.

  4. I so want that Better Off Burger shirt. :)

  5. It was mostly Marvel?
    I wasn't aware...
    Great work ;-)

  6. Those look like nice shirts for people who like Marvel comics. I am really into comics, but I have met people who are.

  7. Marvel is grand across the land

  8. The bar's always open at my place, we've saved a seat for ya:) I love your shirt-designs, they kick a$$!

    Echoes of Olympus
    A to Z #TeamDamyanti

  9. who is this Marvel that thou is speaketh of?

  10. Jeremy, can't thank you enough for stopping over at Life In Dogs yesterday; I know how busy you co-hosts were this year, and you, especially, with your injuries. So--I'm beyond honored :)

    Glad it was today I returned the visit, though--those tees look awesome! It's a bit complicated to get shipping to CuraƧao (where I live), but I'll figure it out. Good design is always worth it :D

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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