On the Eleventh Day of Creepmas: Pumpkinhead... and Creepy Glowbugg's

Legend of the monster Pumpkinhead, explaining
that the creature avenges one who was wronged.

Keep away from Pumpkinhead,
Unless you're tired of living,
His enemies are mostly dead,
He's mean and unforgiving,
Laugh at him and you're undone,
But in some dreadful fashion,
Vengeance, he considers fun,
And plans it with a passion,
Time will not erase or blot,
A plot that he has brewing,
It's when you think that he's forgot,
He'll conjure your undoing,
Bolted doors and windows barred,
Guard dogs prowling in the yard,
Won't protect you in your bed,
Nothing will, from Pumpkinhead.

On another note, I got in the mail one of the coolest thing for the holiday season, a steam-pumpkin from my cooler lady friend who of "Creepy Glowbugg" fame... It will sit proudly next to Indiana Jones figure on top of my computer.  I wanted to thank Gloria... for the wonderful item, and guess what people they are available at her store.  In case you missed her 21 questions interview I also would like to stop over at "TWO THUMBS" and read it.  I want to let them know I post these in honor of your talents. I am part of the 13 Days of Creepmas "" which is such a great idea, fun idea...  

-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Thanks for the shout out Jeremy.
    I'm glad you like your StEaMpUnKiN.

  2. The steampunk pumpkin looks good next to Indy!

  3. Both Pumpkinhead and Steampumpkin are extremely cool!!


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