How Does She Keep Getting Away With It?

 Dirty Water, almost ZOMBIE Like?
How messed up must we be to let these damn celebrity-types [you know which ones] rule the television I watch or you watch... maybe you like this crazy stuff. LoHo was invited to be on Ellen to promote her new spread in Playboy, which itself sounds stupid... break it down you will figure out the three things wrong with that statement. Now LoHo is not going to make it, because someone stole her purse... mind you she was on vacation [Hawaii], okay... wait isn't she on probation? Now you are probably thinking i am using a excuse to "Z-Dazzle" her and you might be right... Stop watching this crud, stop promoting this crud and for the love of whatever god you may follow get this woman help... It's only news until she is...

-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. I'm in total agreement on Loho, like watching a train wreck in slomo. What's with Ellen?? are they using the tragedy of this woman for a ratings boost?

  2. how funny! we both have lindsay posts on the same day. lol.

  3. Yeah, for some reason, the media just keeps shoving it at us. I don't watch this junk!
    And you did some fine artwork there.
    Oh, and as for Rush, I'd say any songs from Grace Under Pressure are good for when you read CassaFire.


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