Guilty... But Free!

Today I will be participating in the "Deja Vu Blogfest" Hosted by: DL Hammons of "Cruising Altitude 2.0", not here... over at "TWO THUMBS" so head on over... read it, leave a comment and let me know you are alive.

Only are a few more days left on the voter box at "Movie411", where I am up for "BEST HORROR" site for 2011. Now I have bugged my friends, neighbors, bloggers, facebook'rs, twitter'rs and even my mother to vote... so I promise not to ask again... well at least today.

No jail time, but I got a reduced sentence cause of my sparkly record... now I must be good for the next three months for a clean record. Hefty fine though, so keep those ZOMBIE MAKE-OVERS coming... still only $5.50 and in time for Christmas. 

-Jeremy [iZombie]



[Retro] Love the Comments, not so much the Spam... so I have enough man-pills, fake gold watches and link-back options that I need. Thank you!

No More Anonymous Monkeys to much of the above mentioned, sorry sometimes I get some nice things.