21 Questions: Missy Hill [Unicorn City]

Missy Hill [Actress]
I am doing a series of "21 Questions" interviews with the cast/crew of "UNICORN CITY" film on my review site "TWO THUMBS" which has been redesigned for your pleasure... speaking of pleasure I give you the lovely and talented Missy Hill one of the stars of this film. I know you will all jump on over and read more about this pretty lady, learn more about this film...
Getting in the last couple complete interviews in for the year, this woman was so nice... I am happy I got it done... you all know me I am always running behind. I for the first couple minutes of the talk with her called her by her character name... she graciously let this go on and said [at some point] you do know my name is Missy. It was in this little strong voice, that sounded like this...
Kidding... Thank you!
-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Cool! I'll visit later in the day when I have more time.
    And I'm more awake...

  2. Heading over there right now as I love your interviews. And thanks for the Agnes clip, it made my morning.

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you all the best in 2012. Here's to much success and dreams coming true!

  3. oh my gosh, I love missys eyes. lol.

  4. it's all about the eyes for me too..

    hope you all like the interview, i have a couple set up where i talk with an entire team of ladies... all the same team.

  5. She really stole the show in Unicorn city. Not a bad movie but would have been way too far on campy side for my taste, but she added a special touch to the movie, I'd watched it just to watch her. She's pretty, but there are lots of pretty actresses. She's a very talented actress and I hope she gets many major roles. Her acting is a light in a dismal place when it comes to actresses in recent times. She has something more which is what struck me. She made her character come to life, that is a rare quality. Few actors or actresses have ever been able to do that. What man would not give everything for a woman such as she portrayed? Portrayed well enough that the role was believable. Ironically she appears to share some of the shyness of her character. She has not filled out her IMDB profile, no official website. If she is on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace it's a well hidden profile. This suggests an almost majestic humility. A balm in a world so busy shouting me me me in blinking verbal neon.

  6. Who just wrote that last message? Please give your name?


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