Khhhhhaaaan.... The Wrath of Izzy and Star Trek Singles!

I am a Statue...Argghh!
Okay, bonus today... my wife bought our little dog "Izzy [Izabel] a winter coat that makes her look like Captain Kirk from Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. Izzy can not move in either of the coat or the sweater, she is standing there all freaked out... she is really warm.

Second, some blogger changes are happening for me, I have changed the "Two Thumbs" review site to "" so I can only have to maintain three blogs instead of those that I do. Many will remain active basically ones that don't need maintaining, the others... gone!

 Love Long and Prosper

Third, Please vote for me I am up for an award over at "The Movie 411" for "Best Horror" for the year, so please vote and tell your followers. If I should win I will design something and let everyone have it for free, to print... share.

I don't know who is Mrs. Spock is, but someone does...
-Jeremy [iZombie]



  1. Ack! Izzy is too cute in her Kirk inspired attire!
    And, "Hello Nurse!" Now that is a Spock costume!

  2. Poor Izzy!
    Voted, Tweeted, posted... Really hoping you win, although it was close last time I looked.

  3. LOL It does look like the kirk jacket!!! cute

  4. That's one patient canine :-) Yes, I'll go over and vote for you.

  5. This was a blast. I'd watch that Pup--looks like he's in for mischief.


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