Court Today... Guilty Or Not Guilty?

Truth will Set you FREE, unless...
Yes it has been an entire month since I went to court for the road violation that I feel I was not guilty for, but alas now I have to prove it in front of good judge and officer. How do you prepare the sides are all ready weighted and not in my favor, hire a lawyer and you might as well pay the fine. The last time I had any sort of moving violation was 15 to 20 years ago, so to me visiting court is sort of a new experience. Wish me some luck... If I post Friday... It will be a "I'M FREE" and I can give you more details then...BTW it's not that serious... routine for the judge I am sure, for me I am freaking out... cause I love the court system and all the officers who are doing their jobs.

On a happier note I wanted to wish "Melissa" of "" a happy birthday, I know I don't promote many birthdays around here, but I just "Z-Dazzled" her into a zombie this week. So I wanted to share that image/design with you all who like those zombies, remember kiddies you to can be turned into a zombie by me... just look up top and follow....

Lastly there are a few more days left on the voter box at "Movie411", where I am up for "BEST HORROR" site for 2011. Now I have bugged my friends, neighbors, bloggers, facebook'rs, twitter'rs and even my mother to vote... so I promise not to ask again... well at least today.

-Jeremy [iZombie]



  1. Hope you can plead your case effectively today! Dug the picture you did for Melissa. And I've spread the word about the awards for the past two weeks - hope you win Best Horror!

  2. Good luck in your court hearing today dude! :D


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