Dare You, Double Dog Dare You!

Her Little Christmas Sweater...
[Walmart Parking Lot] 
Ever get tired of those people who take photos of their pets... making the claim that they are the cutest thing you will ever see. Well, I am no different this is "Isabel" and I have shared some photos of her early this year so lets get the the "ohhh she is so cute" out of the way. 

I will tell you the real reason for this post, I have not given out "Zombie Rabbit" award out in some time. Also I am trying out a new logo that is very normal for me, as many changes are coming... some of you may not even return. Yes, there will be some sad news in the start of the new year... beyond my control, something that life comes first.

Zombie Rabbit Award:

Thanks Everyone!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

What does it look like when the dog gets 
to close to the camera lens?


  1. You could never scare us away, zombie-man! Thanks.

  2. Awwww! I wish my dog would keep its sweater on. lol.

  3. I can't wait to see the new look! Btw, your dog is cute! :D

  4. isabel is the craziest edition to the family this year. thank you everyone...

    alex, that is the one... i could shoot 100 photos and this is the one i use.

  5. I was totally hoping to see a picture of her in something like this. I love it.

    Thanks for thinking of me.

  6. Love Isabel! Thank you so very much for the award. That totally rocks! And no, you won't be scaring me away. I stick no matter what, like gum on your shoe. ;)

  7. yay, thanks for the award! Sorry it took so long for me to stop by and visit. (I'm a visitor slacker!)

  8. Yipee I love awards...thank you so much!

  9. thank you all, i love this dog... on new year's eve she hid under my arm from the loud noises. not afraid, just protecting me.

    no problem on the awards, well deserved.


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