Zombie Madness Players...

First off, thanks to all who took the time to enter and I said I was going to pick two winners, and like John Matrix said to Sully, " Sully remember how I said I would kill you last... I Lied".

Everyone Wins, Everyone Wins! I planned on turning the first 15 people into iZombies... and there were 13, maybe 14 based on one person entered twice...

I will be sending out an email that I have emails for and the rest from their blogs/forums...

So now it's up to you the winners to find a photo to be changed, look around here and see what I have done with the others. If you have any questions, please let me know...

Winners Are:

INFECTED - Rhonny Reaper -
Amy - follower
INFECTED - Tristan - follower
INFECTED - Komrad Joy Killer -
Chante -
INFECTED - Nicole Raymond -
Zombie Mom -
INFECTED - Carl Manes -
INFECTED - Daphne -
Derek M. Koch - Mail Order Zombie (
Zombie Zady -
Jonny Metro -
INFECTED - Morgan -


  1. WOOO! Yeah, can't wait to be I need to find a photo...hmmmmmmm

  2. Chomp Chomp Chomp....
    I am going to be a zOmBiE, thank you, I will be Lovin every minute of it:)


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