iZombie vs. Chatterbox [1996]

Many of the brothers and sisters of the blog have done is share their stories from short stories, full length books and movie scripts. I was looking in a box and found a book I had written back in 1996, named "Chatterbox" a set of short stories. More of a roller coaster of ideas I tried to get them published and even had Reggie Bannister (Phantasm films) write a foreword. Times changed and I never got it off the ground even with Reggie's help, so this many years later I wanted someone to read my thoughts.

So they are coming and if you should like them please let me know, if you could do that it would be great... now they have nothing to do with zombies. Nope mostly crazy dreams and thoughts of things going on around me at the time, hopefully they make some sense. Last I am not sure if the are edited or cleaned up versions found, they could be in the raw format I wrote them in.

Jeremy (iZombie)

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